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Good evening Dr n mummies Please am worried over my sonEver since I gave birth to him I notice something like boil on his gum around the molar side, both side of the gum,it look like there is liquid content in it,when he was one week old I took him to the hospital the midwife break it,but before I got home it swallow up again,i complain the doc said it will burst by it self,now his 2month old and it has not burstPls ftm mom What should I do
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Joy Kure Abumere
My son had those blister like on both sides of his gum, the paediatrician I then said it was nothing to bother about and that it's going to burst by itself now he's 5 months and I can't see it anymore.
Mrs Smith
@Joy28118, wowoooooo thanks for sharing that with me,am relieved
Nkechi Muof
Wow am kind of relieved. I have been thinking of what to do. My son has it too. My mum said he will eventually outgrow it cos she has seen it in other kids too. Anyway thanks for the bringing this up.
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