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Goodmorning Able Mum n docsAm back again, am 38wks n 3dayzBaby weight 3.77kg please hope is Ok?I feel little cramp as if I want to menstratFor some minutes and it goes backAnd my baby moves alot, am anxious and worried,ftmThanks
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Ngwu Vivian Nneka
Watch wat you eat, take Lipton tea not to be cut
Mrs smith at dis stage, dia is little or notin u can do to reduce ur baby weight bc d way u r feeling ur baby wil com in less dan a week. Dat weight is plus or minus, quote me whn u deliver ur baby wont be up to 3.7.Pls do not tk Lipton it has caffeine not gd for u ok. Ur concern now is how to facilitate labour. Pls as u said ur baby is moving much and d cramp pls go to d hospital let dem chk and reasure u baby is ok.
Mrs Smith
Wowoooooo I really appreciate your comments and suggestions,Good bless you all
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