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Please which effective anticeptic cream can I use on a month old baby girl to clear skin rashes. It started at the bombom area. But now It's at the neck area too. I'm worried.
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Bilkisu Abubakar
If you are using sheabutter and original coconut oil for your baby he will be free from all kind of skin rashes. Pls buy original one. You can do the coconut oil yourself. Grate your coconut, blend it, add small water, separate the shaft and coconut milk, put it in the fridge, bring out after some hours. I use to leave mine over night. U will see the oily part will be hard on top. Just like when u boiled meat and put the the fridge u will see the fat on top. Remove the hard one on top and put it in d pot place it on fire and fry it untill it turn to coconut oil. Don't forget to send me 1 bottle . Nagode
Tupetbaby Akoms
Try cacatin cream
Sodiq Fadihla
Try Vista plus is very good.
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