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Hello everyone. Pls I need urgent solution to the running nose of my 5+ months old baby. She was restless all tru the nite cos of it. And me don swallow catarrh tire tru the process of blowing it out for her.
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My baby has been pooing green colour poop for days now. Though she's very active and no temp. But am concerned wat the solution could be. Pls I need advise from mules and medical practitioners in the house. Thanks
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Good day to mothers and doc in the house. I noticed this on my 2 months old girl and it's giving me concern... she also has tiny rashes on her body. Wat can I use as remedy
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Good day mummies and docs in the house. My daughters weight at birth was 2.7kg. But her weight 6 weeks later reads 3.2kg. I do exclusive breastfeeding as advised. Just wondering if am still on the right track. I need ur advise.
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Hello everyone. .....I've been breastfeeding my baby for a month now and my nipples are seriously peppering me. Pls wat can I do as remedy
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Please which effective anticeptic cream can I use on a month old baby girl to clear skin rashes. It started at the bombom area. But now It's at the neck area too. I'm worried.
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Good day to all mothers and medical practitioners in the house......what can I use to wash/clean the tongue om my new born baby girl
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Hello to everyone in the house...am a ftm with a 3 weeks baby girl. I noticed she feels uncomfortable and her stomach rumbles. My research online seems dat it's Colic pain. But my question is does colic pain comes with rumbling of the stomach too, I mean her tommy sometimes makes noise.And what can I use as remedy
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