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Good day mums and docs. My baby boy of almost 5months hardly sleeps during the day. If he should sleep either after feeding or rocking or backing him and I put him down he wakes up& wouldn't sleep again. This happens almost everyday o..but from say 8pm he sleeps well and only wakes for nightly feeds; only to be up again around 6am. Who else experiences this? I'm always tired!!NB: I'm a first time mum and have no one helping me.
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Tricia Arthur
Wow!! Good to know I'm not alone,may God help us. I'll introduce formulae in about a months time,I can't wait to sleep n sleep! Lol
Mummy Ambless
Pls Start giving ur baby formula he is not getting enough breastmilk
Abosede Akindipe
Am experiencing same @ d moment
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