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Good evening mums and docs. Can a baby have malaria without having fever, loss of appetite, high temperature etc? I went to the hospital to complain of cough n cattargh n a test was done n it said my baby has malaria n infection. I was given drugs but I don't want to use it as he's just 4months plus. What do u all think plus what r d signs that a baby has infection? Thanks a lot. #FTM
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Chidiadi Ijeoma Cynthia
He was treated in the hospital with injection tru I V.
Chida Glitaz
@Triciakeys, it might be a case of high immunity... Meaning ur baby has very high immunity dats y he came down with only cough and catarrh pls religiously follow d drugs
Tricia Arthur
Thank u all so much mums. God bless u all
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