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I went for scan today here is d result pls I need response why is my baby weight this much even when I take fruits every day The previous scan I did gave me 22,25,29 and today's own gave me 20 My LMP was 24 April 2017 pls what should I do am confuse even my cervix is still close
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Opening of the cervix can happen anytime, mine was closed the the afternoon & at night I began to dilate. No worries your testimony is sure, it will end in praise.
@Omolade19270, Amennnnnn
ajibola rufai
If you do scan at early stage before 12wk this you should have received EDD around 29,30/01/2018. Cervix could open anytime. About the baby weight you should have confirmed it elsewhere, reduced fetal movement well the investigation not enough I'm sure he's talking about fetal distress, before he can arrived to fetal movement reduced he must have checked for Middle cerebral artery, umbilical artery and uterine artery, these are special investigation expected. More explanation about fetal movement reduced
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