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Good evening everyone! Please I need your help, don't know what to do. I discovered that my baby's skin is dried and wrinkled all of a sudden; a boy in his Creche has it and now he does too. What's name is this called and what can I do? Doctor gave us Baby Tribotan & Erythrthis afternoon but this thing looks like its spreading. Please help mee ooo
Baby Care
Hello able mummies in the house. Good evening to you all. Just want us to share our experience so far with our babies so that others could learn a thing or two. Do babies out grow waking up to feed at night?
Breast Feeding
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Please mummies and docs, what can I do to stop my baby from biting me. Even when I spank him he sometimes laugh like what's mummy doing. I feel like stopping breastfeeding o.
Mom's Health
My baby at 5months
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Hair LossI feel like crying, I am losing so much hair. Heard it part of the postpartum palaver... I am afraid I'll be bald. Please what did you Mummies do?
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Hello Mummies in the house. Hope your day is going on well? Let's share our experience - As a First Time Mum, what was your reaction and that of your spouse when labour began?
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Good day lovely mums in this great platform. This is my first post. Please what should I do about this discoloration on my 4months old baby's head bc he is fair the thing is showing so much. I don't know what to do again and then his scalp is flaky, I had to cut his hair bc it itches him so badly. I brush it every morning n evenings but this thing don't want to go. Please what else can I do?
Baby Care
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