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Good day lovely mums in this great platform. This is my first post. Please what should I do about this discoloration on my 4months old baby's head bc he is fair the thing is showing so much. I don't know what to do again and then his scalp is flaky, I had to cut his hair bc it itches him so badly. I brush it every morning n evenings but this thing don't want to go. Please what else can I do?
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Esther cool
It might be (nra ) native name in Igbo language, I don't kW the English name. My suggestion
@Esther25968, so what can I use again. I have tried Hibiscus flower & Baby Tribotan. My Nurse at the hospital said it'd go with time even if I don't use anything but I can't just be looking and do nothing o.
Laide banks
@Omolade19270, Your baby is very cute. He's beautifully handsome :)
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