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Good pm Dr's and mother's my son of 11months 3 Weeks has been stooling since Thursday last week, I have taken him to general hospital and have run test on his stool even the medicine the doctors prescribed he has been taken them too but no changes. Although I have notice he is bringing out three teeth and rashes on his buttocks. Help a first time mum iam worried I need answers.
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Good day mummies can I give my baby of 10 months noodles and how can i boosts his appetite.
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Good evening docs and lovely mum's pls my Sis PCV test is 33% and she is 39weeks (+) hope is okay for delivery?
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I think this picture is nice for us
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Pls mothers and doctors my baby will be 5months on Tuesday next week. Can I take mango at least in small quantity is hungry me ooooooo
Good evening mum and doc. Am having signs of malaria. This is 4months + that I gave birth I have not taken any malaria drugs. Which one will be better for me to take?.
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Good evening to you all my 4months old Baby is having cough and carrtah. What should I give to relief him?am a FTM. I gave him a hot bath,and rub ori and palm kernel oil all over his body.
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Good day mommies and Doc, my baby boy is 3+ months old. I found out this morning change of colour(green) in his stool and his my first child I hope all is well with himol
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