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Good evening mummies and doc. Please help my baby is 9 days today but his navel refused to fall what can I do.
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Ehizogie Juliet
Please let's be careful with new born babes why use close up haba let's not be using all sort of things to experiment on new born babies using spirit is the accepted way recommended by midwives and doctors all this different things people bring up for newly born is well oo make we no take our own hand cause another thing ooo
Charity Kure
Close up ????? With all the things they used in making it??? Pls babies r very sensitive.....use spirit and cotton wool....if u r still not comfortable is better you go to d hospital .
Mrs Afolabi Mubarakah
D more u clean,d quicker it falls,so kip cleaning,u can even clean it 50 times a day,as long as its convinient 4 u and pls ensure dat breeze doesnt get in dia
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