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Hello mums and doc pls I huv been experiencing this pains 4 the past few weeks in btw my legs like the place is burnt up when ever I work it gives me pains, I huv applied skinnel, and powder but its still there it only reduces 4 a day and comes back pls I need ur urgent reply tanks.
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Vesla Magai
OK dear tank u @uzodinma and @mrs Smith.
Amadi Gift
Use sabristan clotrimazole cream. It really worked for me.
Umoh Etentuk Boro
Mummy pls avoid pant pls pls, dat is d only cure. If not, no matter wat u use, it will kom up again. If u must wear pant, wear really big ones like oversize. Skineal is good on it. Tight,short or leggings r not bad too if u can stand d heat.
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