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Hello mums and docs in the house pls what type of drugs will I buy 4 waist pain, since I put to birth any tym I work when ever am trying to walk my waist hook and pain me pls help a sis tanks.
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Hello mums and docs in the house my baby's joint is making sound pls what can I give her or what can I take she's just 2months old.
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Hello moms and docs in the house pls my 1 month old baby's stool is green in colour pls what can I give her thanks.
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pls mums and docs what should I apply 4 my baby around her private area 2weeks and some days.
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Thank God 4 safe delivery, God did it again and tanks to all the mums and docs that helped me with different ans during my pregnancy.
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Hello mums pls has any ftm ever giving birth at 36 +? If yes pls how did it start bcus I huv been huving this back pain and stomach pain 4 2days.
Hello mums and docs pls which is the best cream and soap to start using 4 a new born baby?
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Hello moms and doc pls I need ur help on this I huv been having this lower abdominal pain when ever am working since I worked miles into Lagos market really don't no was wrong am 30weeks gone I feel very heavy down there and my hips and legs pains me like leg cramps as well pls huv any1 ever experience these?
Hello mums and doc pls I huv been experiencing this pains 4 the past few weeks in btw my legs like the place is burnt up when ever I work it gives me pains, I huv applied skinnel, and powder but its still there it only reduces 4 a day and comes back pls I need ur urgent reply tanks.
Pls mums and docs in the house at which month is it best 4 a pregnant woman to start exercise?