Can my 5months old baby take aptamil and can he be exposed to fan?
There is an Aptamil for 0-6 months, I believe that is age appropriate. You can expose your baby to fan especially now that the weather is really hot. However, ensure the baby's head, chest and feet are protected from direct cold. Use a body-rotational fan and not a stationary one.
As regards to fan,there is nothing wrong with using the Fan or AC as long as the fan is not blowing directly on the baby. Meanwhile, try and keep the baby warm and continue exclusive breastfeeding....No need for twice or thrice daily baths, dress baby comfortably according to the weather, open the windows and let the room be well-aerated. There is no need to overcover the baby and keep in a stuffy room.
Your baby should still be exclusively breastfed, but if for any reason you can't, kindly give age appropriate milk only