Good evening modas and wives here, pls I am not suppose to ask this question here. Got married to hubby when he was earning very little compare to what i earn, i led down my salary apart from just my tithe every month, praying that God should uplift hubby, then a business came November 2017 and we started to build this business even with my salary, to d point he started aquiring properties frm the proceeds. My name does not appear in any document. B4 d mum said his business is not hers but just from no where hubby started given out money to his siblings without my concept but if i need to give to my own i will have to ask him first 4 all i worked 4 is into this biz. To d extent i want to buy underwears i wil plan it with him first.
Dear mothers and wives, i ask for change of bras for two years due to child birth, he was angry and if every thing being okay, i can afford this on my own. Only for me to hear him this evening that he want to send money to his younger brother. Advice pls. Goin crazy
Search for OMAM on Facebook. Wait to be added and send this to the box. You will get many comments. Am just short of words. We make mistakes alot. The properties ought to have your name and hubby's name on it. As in, Mr John Okon and Mrs. Rachael Okon. Not Mr and Mrs John Okon because any woman can bear that. With the way your hubby is doing his things. I would advise you do your thing secretly. Hope you have something doing. Open a new account and let the alert enter your new email. So that your hubby wouldn't trace your earnings. Then build secretly by sending money to your parents to buy land and build for you. I just hope am not giving you a bad advise.
Haaaaaa, sweetheart. This is serious. Please don't go crazy. Do you have kids? There is nothing wrong with helping your husband but you made a mistake in not separating business from marriage. Everything to the last kobo should have been in your name or both of your names with both parties been the signatory or custodian of the money. Is this business registered? Whose name is on the doc? Do you have a business bank account? Is your name there? And why will you allow him buy properties without your name? Let's assume he owns the whole money self, your name should be there, how much more the reverse is the case. You have to thread very carefully, cos some people loose their lives cos of this kind of thing o. Tall to a lawyer, don't fight him but be wise. Apologies but I'm not sure your husband has your interest at heart. You need help