My baby has bow legs since she started walking, now she is 20 months and the legs are becoming curve than before, should I be worried? Also I don't kn
Normal colour of milk teeth is usually off white or ivory. If the teeth are turning yellow, that will be a cause for concern. However, if you think the teeth are turning yellow all of a sudden then it's best to get a dentist to take a look. Have you been using the right quantity of toothpaste? Too much toothpaste or allowing children to eat toothpaste can result in yellowing of teeth. Other causes of tooth discoloration are poor oral hygiene, medications(e.g iron containing multivitamins), trauma ,e.t.c.'
It is better to see a paediatrician and an orthopaedic surgeon at the teaching hospital for appropriate diagnosis and management depending on the cause which could be rickets or other causes. Also ensure that nutrition is improved by giving milk,egg, oily fish, cereals that have been fortified with vitamin D. Playing under the sun is helpful.