My son is a year and 5 months and I noticed his mouth smells awful whenever he wakes up in the morning and he cries whenever I brush for him (he has 12 tooth) so when I checked his mouth I saw that he is bringing out a tooth (the gum just opened). Pls what can I do to tackle this smell and how best can I brush his teeth without hurting him.
Change the toothpaste to ones with low flouride e.g close-up in nigeria
Start with improving the child's oral hygiene by ensuring he or she brushes twice a day and making sure they brush their tongue as well. Take the child to see a dentist exclude oral infections, decay, gum disease etc. If it's still persistent you may need to see a paediatrician as well to exclude other causes.
Bad breath or "Halitosis" in children can occur due to several reasons like poor oral hygiene, tooth decay, gum disease, infections in the mouth, bacteria on the tongue, dry mouth, tonsil stones, foreign objects in the nose and some medical conditions.