Wha is the Use of Salvit-z syrup? Doctor recommended to my baby
Dr. Dara Abiodun

Medical Doctor

Vi Syneral Z Syrup is used for Eye disorders, Eye problems, Neurological disturbances, Heart problem, Weakness, Arthritis, Diadrrhea, Acne, Headache, Anorexia and other conditions. Vi Syneral Z Syrup works by producing antibodies and hemoglobin by keeping blood sugar level in normal range; maintaining many tissues of the body to prevent vitamin B2 deficiency; helping tissue in respiration and metabolism of fats, protein thus lowers blood cholesterol by inhibiting the synthesis of LDL; facilitating retina formation required for low light and color vision; regulating the intestinal fluid transport, mucosal integrity, immunity, gene expression and oxidative stress; increasing absorption of calcium and phosphorus required for strong bones; penetrating into the skin; blocking the damage caused by free radicals thus heals wounds; treating vitamin B12 deficiency; metabolizing carbohydrate thus maintains normal growth