5 Home Remedies For Diaper Rash In Babies


Diaper rashes are a common skin condition that affects babies. It is no shock that it would cause worry and concern for both mother and baby when this skin condition occurs. This article overviews diaper rashes and various home treatment remedies for your baby. 



What is a diaper rash?


Diaper rash is a common skin condition or dermatitis that causes rashes or inflamed skin on babies' bottoms. It occurs most often in babies between the ages of 4 and 15 months.



Causes of a diaper rash

A lot of things can cause diaper rash in babies, including:

  1. An allergic reaction to the diaper 
  2. A bacterial infection
  3. Too much moisture in your baby's diaper area
  4. Tight diapers
  5. Leaving on soiled diapers
  6. Developing a bacterial or yeast infection
  7. Introduction of new foods which changes the content and frequency of the baby's poop. 
  8. Introduction of antibiotics


These are potential causes of diaper rash in babies, but one of the most common causes is too much moisture in the diaper area or leaving soiled diapers on for too long.


Signs and symptoms


Various symptoms could suggest your child might be having a diaper rash. These include tenderness, redness and inflammation around the private parts and bottom area. There may be other rashes elsewhere or near the bottom area.


Another clue would be that these areas with rashes would be warm to the touch, and you may notice sores and itchy skin. Most of these symptoms translate to fussing and crying by your child, significantly when changing diapers.


Home remedies to treat diaper rashes in babies 


Several home remedies exist that can stop diaper rash in babies. They include:


  • Coconut oil: Using coconut oil on your baby helps to moisturize the affected areas and can offer some relief. Coconut oil is a good moisturizer and would help in preventing flaky skin.


  • Clean bottoms: You can manage your baby’s diaper rash by ensuring they are clean and free from dirt and poop frequently. This is done by cleaning up your baby once they pee or poop in their diapers. If it refuses to go off, it's advisable to wash it with soap, rinse it off, and pat dry rather than rubbing it off.


  • Petroleum jelly: Petroleum jelly, or Vaseline, as it is popularly called in Nigeria, is one of the best home remedies for treating diaper rashes. It is affordable, available and an excellent moisture sealant and protectant. Petroleum jelly prevents moisture from being trapped and allows for some escape. This escape, in turn, helps in treating diaper rashes.


  • Breast milk: Various reports agree that applying breastmilk to the affected areas can treat diaper rashes. According to these sources, applying breast milk directly to the affected area is as effective as using specific prescription medications. Regardless of these reports, breast milk contains various antibodies that fight off infections and illnesses in babies. Feeding your baby breastmilk can help them build immunity against certain disease conditions. 


  • Diaper-free time: It's important to allow your baby to spend some free time without diapers. This free time can help moisture escape their skin, preventing moisture from being trapped, leading to a diaper rash. Plus, it's good enough to let some air get to their bottoms.


When to see a doctor 

See a doctor if the rash refuses to go away and continues appearing regardless of various treatments and medications used. Diaper rashes can get infected and, when infected, could progress to severe complications. Therefore, seeing your doctor once you suspect the diaper rash is infected is important.


There are a lot of different home remedies online, some of which do work and some do not. However, please be careful to fact-check them and ensure they're safe for use in your babies. Avoid using cornstarch, especially as it can irritate your baby's skin.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


  1. Can I use baking soda to treat my baby’s diaper rash?

Baking soda might be too harsh for your baby’s sensitive skin. Check with your doctor before applying. 


  1. Can I wear my baby pants when they have a rash?

It is advisable to not wear your baby plastic pants and wear diapers loosely to ensure moisture isn't trapped.


  1. Which treatment is best for a diaper rash?

  One of the best treatments for diaper rash includes diaper creams and petroleum jelly.

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