Can Onions Solve Cold Feet In Babies.

Home remedies come in many varieties and may even seem like folklore. Depending on how they interact with the body or within the body, these remedies may or may not be effective.


Recently, a video circulated via the internet showing one of the most talked about remedies for babies right now; “Onion in Socks remedy”. The onion in socks for cold and flu is one home treatment that a select few people may have bragged about. 


Some people think this works and gets rid of cold feet, especially for babies. Slicing a red or white onion is what you need to do. According to home remedy specialists; place them on the bottom of your child's socks-covered feet after cutting them into circles


If you leave the socks on overnight it would cure your baby's cold feet, fever, or disease when they wake up.


This remedy's efficacy is somewhat disputed, which is why we are creating this post for you. 


How accurate is it? Is it Good for Your Child?





What is The Origin of The Theory

This theory is thought to have started in the 1500s, most likely by the Chinese. People thought that putting an onion in the room would shield anyone who was inside from getting the bubonic plague. 


There have also been theories that contagious diseases are spread by onions by absorbing poisonous air from the environment. These ideas were eliminated by the development of science and replaced by germ theory.


The old hypothesis has since been superseded by the contemporary onion theory. The body is thought to be made up of meridians, compartments, or channels, through which the body's life energy flows, according to alternative Traditional Chinese medicine experts.


It is thought that placing the onions at the bottom of the foot enables them to enter these channels and draw out toxins, diseases, and bacteria while also cleaning the blood within the body.



Physiological effects of onions

One's immune system and overall health benefit greatly from onions, which is a fantastic veggie. Onions have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects which are necessary for wellness. They also improve cardiovascular health. They help with digestion and bowel movements, which strengthens the digestive system.


Children also benefit from them in a number of ways, including an improvement in immunity, better ion absorption, and an abundance of great nutrients including probiotics and fiber.


It is really beneficial for infants and kids to consume onions. Onions are a wonderful choice for a child's diet once they can handle solid food. Onions function differently when you put them on your foot.





Dynamics of Cold In Babies

Babies generally are prone to illnesses as their immune system is still developing. Cold in babies is majorly characterized by a runny or stuffy nose, sneezing, coughing, fever, and restlessness or irritability.


Cold is a very common illness in babies and could be spread in the air through viruses or bacteria. Keep your baby safe by ensuring the air is clean and warm. 



Are Onions a Real Cold-Foot Cure?

In order to investigate the authenticity of this hypothesis, numerous research professionals and scientific gurus have performed research. There is currently no empirical evidence to support the claim that putting onions on a baby's feet will relieve their chilly feet.


Yes, onions contain some antibacterial characteristics, but they only become active after they enter the body, not when a person gets sick and places an onion ring on their foot. The claims of its efficacy are not supported by logic or science in any way.


Although a lot of people swear by its efficiency on the internet. Medical experts hold the view that the onion's therapeutic effects when it is placed on the foot may be the result of a placebo effect, or a psychological reaction that happens because the brain has been trained to think the remedy works.





Is Putting Onions On Baby Feet Bad?

Onion placement on a baby's foot is not harmful. There are no drawbacks to placing them, despite the claim that its efficacy is untrue.


You could try it out if you think the claims, based on your experience, might be accurate, but it's not medically recommended to do so.




Even though putting onions on your baby's feet might not have a bad outcome. It is still advised that you take your child to the doctor or pediatrician as soon as they become ill to obtain a diagnosis and get the infant treated. Relying on theories without solid proof can be harmful to your baby's health.


If using onion on your baby's feet has worked for you, please comment below, and if it hasn't do comment also. 


It would be nice to hear about your experiences. Please remember to share this article with friends and family that it could be of utmost help to! 

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