How to Prepare Pepper Soup for a Pregnant Woman


Pepper soup is a typical Nigerian soup that is frequently served hot and can be spiced up. It is prepared with a variety of peppers, herbs, and spices. Pepper soup is made with various types of meat, including goat meat, portions of beef, shrimp, and fish.


It can be prepared at home as well as served at events. Most Nigerians believe it possesses medicinal value like regulating blood pressure, easing cold and cough symptoms, and boosting appetite, among many others.


You can also add vegetables and spices like pepper, garlic, ginger, and other herbs.


Benefits of Pepper Soup in Pregnancy


Pregnant women need to be vigilant about how much pepper they eat. While a small amount of pepper is okay, overeating might cause indigestion and heartburn. So, choose a moderate alternative.


But, paying attention to your body with all foods is crucial. If you discover that the degree of pepper is too much for you, try adding fewer peppers. 



The following are the benefits of pepper soup;


  •         The ingredients such as ginger, garlic, and pepper are just a few of the many spices known for their ability to speed up recovery and kill bacteria. These spices may strengthen defenses and ward against diseases.


  •         Fiber is present in pepper soup, which is crucial for a healthy digestive tract. Fiber encourages regular bowel movements and helps add volume to stools.


  •         Pepper soup is a substantial and delightful low-calorie food. The soup's high protein content may aid in encouraging weight loss and maintaining a healthy weight.


  •         To avoid a congenital disability in your unborn child, you need folate or folic acid throughout pregnancy. All varieties of pepper have significant folate content.


  •         Being pregnant can make it more annoying to catch a cold. Although there is no scientific support for this claim, pepper is used as a cough and cold remedy in many cultures worldwide.


Side Effects of pepper Soup


  1. The result could be an allergic reaction

During pregnancy, some women may react allergically to certain food ingredients. It is best to avoid pepper intake if you suffer any such reaction, especially when pregnant. Add just a pinch and eat moderately to give the necessary spicy flavour.



  1. It could cause a burning sensation

It's common to feel a burning sensation after eating pepper in the stomach or throat. Yet, pepper consumption might occasionally worsen the condition during pregnancy when there are concerns with indigestion and heartburn. Avoid spicy foods whenever possible in such circumstances.



  1. It might raise body temperature

It is best to avoid spicy foods if your pregnancy is in the summer because they can make you feel hotter. Pepper and other spices can raise your body's temperature and lead to digestive and other problems.



How to prepare pepper soup



  •         10 cups of cold water
  •         2 ¾ of chicken, fish, or meat into bite-sized pieces.
  •         3 tsp of pepper soup seasoning mix,
  •         2 tsp of blended crayfish, 
  •         2 stalks of lemongrass chopped into three sections, plus pepper to taste.
  •         1 tsp of salt
  •         1 large lime leaf to garnish,
  •         Add 2 to 3 sprigs of chopped African basil,
  •         Finishing with red palm oil spice blend for pepper soup


For spices:


  •         8 urheri (Selim grain) with the bitter seeds removed 
  •         4 calabash nutmeg seeds, 
  •         2 shelled and chopped gbafilo seeds, 
  •         2 shelled and chopped umilo seeds, 
  •         1/2 tsp of uziza seeds and alligator pepper (grains of paradise).



Instructions to follow


  1.     Place the chicken, meat, or fish, 2 cups water, 1 tablespoon pepper soup spice, the blended crayfish, 1 bundle of lemongrass, a pinch of dry pepper, and salt in a large stockpot. Mix thoroughly and heat to a boil over medium-high.


  1.     Add the remaining 8 cups of water and the rest of the pepper soup spice blend after the liquid has come to a boil. For 30 to 40 minutes, simmer beef steadily on medium to medium-low heat until it is tender but not quite coming from the bone.


  1.     Remove the pan from the heat and add the remaining lime leaf and lemongrass. Before serving, let infuse for 5 to 10 minutes. Add salt and pepper according to your tolerance level.


Would you prepare pepper soup this cold weekend? Remember to always check back with your doctor if you have a low tolerance for spices. Stay PreggySafe!


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