How to prevent Your Baby From Biting your Nipple while Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is a bonding time between you and your adorable baby. Every experience is typically different from the last but, it is common for you to have burning questions and or struggles when breastfeeding.

A very common challenge is when your baby bites when breastfeeding. Babies actually begin biting during breastfeeding way before they begin teething; it comes as a result of itchy gums before the teeth come out. You may be thinking that gums are harmless but you will find that it can actually be really painful. Here are a few tips to help prevent your baby from biting you.


1. Pay Attention to Your Baby:  Focusing on how your baby attaches to your breast and comes off can help stop the biting. Watch as your baby feeds, if your baby seems to be playing, sleeping off or full you could break up the suckling and continue after a few seconds or stop the feeding altogether. This way you are able to save your breasts from the pain that comes from your baby biting.

2. Maintain a good feeding position: A good position plays a significant role in healthy feeding. Find out a comfortable position that works for both you and your baby and stick to it. This will prevent the baby biting you while feeding.

3. Low Milk Supply: A baby might bite if the milk doesn’t let-down fast enough. This may be the case if your baby bites at the start of the feed and appears to be impatient for the milk to start flowing. It might be time to consider your eating habits, eat properly and take a sufficient amount of fluid to the keep the milk flow at a high rate. Also consider expressing, it can help to get your milk flowing just before starting the feed. This way the milk flow is sufficient and your baby need not bite you, to try to increase the flow.

4. Pull the baby towards your breast: During breastfeeding, when he starts to bite you, rather than pulling your baby away from the breast pull the baby close to you.  Avoid pulling your baby away from the breast suddenly as he begins to bite. He may bite you harder in the process of impulse, making you sore further.

5. Talk to your baby: Always talk to your baby while feeding, maintain constant communication like singing or telling stories.Whenever your baby’s jaws tighten in order to bite, say a strong “no”. For some babies, if the mother puts a firm impression on her face, it will work. For some others, a warning sound is required. Find out what will work for your little one and try it. Either way, the baby should be able to pick the sign and stop biting.

6. Squash it now: Babies learn very fast and they sponge up everything. Once they start biting and you don’t say anything they will continue with it since it gives them pleasure and is a little soothing for their itching gums. If you let them continue without any reaction they will not be aware that it hurts and you don’t like it. Begin showing them it is wrong as soon as they start biting so that they stop sooner. A little tap on their pampered butt will help free the nipple. This will benefit both of you. You will be in pain less often and the baby will start lessons in boundaries and discipline early in life.

Moms, do you have any stories about your baby biting during breastfeeding and how you were able to stop it? If yes, do share them with us in the comment section below, we can’t wait to hear from you!!!

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