Myth or Fact: Bathing Your Baby With Palm Oil And Potash Prevents Body Odour



Babies have an anticipated smell that mothers and admirers find rather intriguing. The term "baby smell" is used most frequently and is typically derived from the aroma of baby products used to care for a baby. What should you do if your infant suddenly starts to smell unpleasant? 


This article would go beyond the tiniest toes and the plumpest cheeks to reveal secrets and advice to help you keep your bundle of joy smelling as sweet as pure bliss while disproving some claims.


Importance of skincare in babies

It's common for adults to discuss skincare and the need to care for our skin, but occasionally, we overlook individuals who also require it. Babies! 


A baby's skin is susceptible, wrinkled, fragile, and frail from birth. To protect their sensitive skin from irritation and dryness, paying attention to their skin is crucial. 


Body odour in babies


Body odour is an unpleasant odour detected when one comes into contact with another person's skin. A combination of bacteria and sweat usually causes body odour. Body odour is more frequent in adults, but it can also occur in babies. 


It is not sweat that causes body odour, but rather the combination of bacteria and sweat, which produces a terrible odour. 


Diet, hormones, good skincare, exercise, and lifestyle are all elements that contribute to body odour in adults. On the other hand, body odour in babies can be caused by improper dressing, moist clothing, sweat and heat, unsanitary environments, and even metabolic abnormalities. 


 Body odour in babies can be a determinant of certain diseases, such as diabetes and some genetic conditions, which could lead to neurological disorders and hepatic disorders. However, it isn't a significant sign of disease. 


Therefore, watching out for your baby's body odour while keeping them clean is essential to prevent smelling a certain way. 


Does massaging my baby with red oil and potash prevent body odour?


Massaging a baby with red oil and potash is a traditional practice in certain cultures, but it's important to note that there is no scientific proof to confirm that this method prevents body odour. 


Apart from these, there are other practices, such as using Funbact A on a baby's skin. Such a practice is entirely wrong and could be more harmful than good for a baby's skin. 


Multiple factors like genetics, hygiene, and diet influence body odour. When caring for a baby's skin and health, it's best to rely on safe and evidence-based approaches. If you're worried about body odour, seek advice from a paediatrician or healthcare expert immediately.


Safe skincare practices to prevent body odour in babies


There are simple skin care practices that help to prevent body odour in babies. Some of them are; 

  • Trimming your baby's nails. 
  • Bathing your baby at least four times a week. Wash heat-prone areas like their neck and waist daily while looking out for skin folds. 
  • Apply baby moisturizers on your baby after having a bath. 
  • Cleaning your baby's diaper as soon as possible. 
  • Wash baby clothes, blankets and sheets using fragranced products. 
  • Use baby powders to prevent sweating
  • Dress up your baby in light clothing during hot periods
  • If your baby’s clothes get dirty after eating, change it. 
  • For babies with cradle caps (greenish patches that appear on their heads at 3 weeks to 3 months), apply mineral oil on the affected area. 


Can my baby use perfume?


It is best to avoid applying perfumes on your baby because they might be sensitive to the chemicals used to manufacture these scents. Continue to use infant fragranced products on your child, and make sure they are clean and rejuvenated.


Bathing your baby in red oil and potash will not prevent body odour, contrary to popular belief. This is a myth, not a reality, passed down through generations. Practice safe skincare methods to prevent body odour in your baby.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Can I use ori on my baby?

You can use shea butter on your baby as it's a good moisturizer. 


Can I spray perfume on my baby?

 It's advisable not to spray perfume on babies as they have sensitive skin.


Can potash and red oil prevent body odour in my baby?

There are no scientific claims that red oil and potash can prevent body odour, so it's better to stay clear of them. 


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