Myth or Fact: Consuming Ilasa Soup During Pregnancy Causes Twin Birth



A pregnant woman needs more balanced nutrients than she consumes before conception. Offering your baby everything they need to grow and mature will be easier if you make good dietary habits daily. It will also ensure that you and your child have the appropriate weight. 



According to research, a baby's food might impact their health during pregnancy and childhood. The chance of developing heart disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure as an adult increases if a developing foetus is not fed adequately while in the womb. 


What is ilasa soup?


Ilasa soup, prepared from okro leaves, is a native soup peculiar to the Igbo-ora people of Oyo state, Nigeria and it is best served with amala.



Components of ilasa soup


A pregnant woman enjoys many benefits of consuming ilasa soup (okra leaves), which is high in fibre, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Research shows it is rich in antioxidants, magnesium, folate, fibre, vitamin C and vitamin K.


It also has a reasonable amount of manganese and calcium. The vegetable also contains a bit of phosphorus, copper, iron, and zinc.



Health benefits of ilasa soup in pregnancy 


It helps to boost pregnancy:  Ilasa soup contains 15% of the recommended daily intake of folate, which is an essential nutrient for expectant mothers. Folate helps to reduce the risk of neural tube defects, which can affect the brain and spine of developing babies. 



It promotes heart and brain health: By preventing blood clots and limiting the damage caused by free radicals, polyphenols lower your risk of developing heart issues and stroke. The antioxidants in okro leaves may also benefit your brain by reducing inflammation.



Okro leaves promote healthier bowel motions: The high fibre content helps to maintain intestinal wellness. Fibre gives food weight and aids the meal's easy passage through the intestine. So, including okro leaves in your diet will aid in preventing constipation, bloating, and indigestion common in pregnancy.


It facilitates weight management: Ilasa soup is a nutritious food for losing weight because of its high fibre, low glycemic index, and low-fat content. It is a fantastic technique to control healthy weight gain during pregnancy. This soup is especially beneficial for women who experience difficulties due to gaining too much weight while pregnant. 



Side effects of ilasa soup in pregnancy


It may cause inflammation: Okro leaves contain solanine, which is a poisonous substance that triggers arthritis, joint pain, inflammation, and other health problems. Consume okro leaves in recommended amounts because excessive use could raise the risk of developing certain illnesses due to their solanine content.



It may cause stomach upset: Okro leaves contain a lot of fibre, which can substantially aid digestion when consumed in moderation. However, overeating tends to have adverse effects, as with almost any food. Excessive okra eating during pregnancy can lead to increased bowel issues, especially in women with irritable bowel syndrome.



It may cause blood clots: Pregnant women may experience unfavourable side effects because of vitamin K, which causes blood clotting.


Does ilasa soup cause twin birth?


People believe that the consumption of ilasa soup causes twin birth. However, this may not be true. Research has confirmed that there are more births in Igbo-ora than anywhere else in the world, and they believe the answer to their high multiple birth rate is Ilasa soup.



However, several factors can cause the high rate of twin births. Environmental factors can cause some, while others can be genetics. While some people in Igbo-ora believe that twins are gifts from God, others believe that it is a result of the food eaten in that part of the country, especially the ilasa soup. Also, people believe that it is most effective when prepared within that environment. It won't be effective in another state except in Igbo ora.



In conclusion, there has not been scientific proof that okro leaves influence twin birth. But as stated above, there are benefits and side effects of okro leaves during pregnancy. The kinds of food you eat during pregnancy are fundamental to your baby's health. Hence, you should consult your doctor before taking anything.



Frequently asked questions(FAQs)


  1. Will ilasa soup make me pregnant with twins?

It is not yet a proven fact that this soup causes twin pregnancy. This depends on various factors before conception.



  1. Can I eat ilasa soup during pregnancy?

 It is generally safe when taken in the appropriate measures and under supervision.



  1. Does ilasa soup have any side effects in pregnancy? 

There are side effects of consuming okro leaves during pregnancy. It may cause inflammation, blood clot, and stomach upset, to mention a few.



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