Myth or Fact- Eating Ponmo During Pregnancy Can Be Dangerous

The ingestion of cow skin by humans is surrounded by various myths that focus mainly on pregnant women. Some media outlets have reported that Ponmo is unhealthy. As is well known, the Nigerian government has attempted to outlaw the consumption of cow skin, or ponmo, as it is known locally.


The main issue at hand is whether ponmo is indeed harmful to anybody, even those who are pregnant.


Contrary to popular belief, ponmo benefits health and is suitable for the body. However, the production process of good ponmo affects how much it is consumed. The method used to prepare the ponmo can affect its nutritional content and potentially render it harmful.


For example, it is prepared by being roasted over petroleum chemical products or tires that pose severe problems to an individual's health. 


Still, ponmo has several health benefits and is suitable for pregnant women.


Here are a few of the benefits:




  • 1. Fiber benefits

The body needs fiber, which is vital for bowel movements and good digestion. Although they might not contain many nutrients, threads like these can help lower blood sugar and cholesterol levels by helping a person feel fuller for longer.



  • 2. Building bones and teeth

Ponmo has a calcium content that is essential for developing bones and teeth. Because the body stores all of its calcium in the bones and teeth, the body needs calcium for the formation of strong bones and teeth. Calcium provides the structure and hardness of the teeth and bones.


Ponmo has an abundance of phosphorus, the second most abundant mineral in the body. It is also necessary for the proper development of strong bones and teeth. 



  • 3. Fatty benefits

Ponmo has a minimal fat content, which is excellent for the body. High-fat diets have been linked to the development of malignant cells over time, according to research, and could play a key role in preserving one's health.



  • 4. Ponmo contains collagen

Proteins like collagen are necessary for physical growth and development. Although collagen is one of the most common proteins in the body, its consumption may not be entirely necessary. However, it is crucial to consume collagen as one age and in specific circumstances.



  • 5. Ponmo is a low-calorie food

   Cutting calories will help you lose weight since it will lower your overall energy consumption, regardless of whether the calories come from fat or carbohydrates.


 Since the 1980s, researchers have been examining suggestions that low-calorie diets may slow down the aging process.





Tips to take when buying Ponmo from the market


  1. 1. Make sure the ponmo you purchase is clean. Before and after chopping the Ponmo or cow skin, wash your hands. If you're buying cooked ponmo, ensure the seller cleanly prepares the ponmo. Thoroughly clean the inside of the skin.


  1. 2. Cook your ponmo thoroughly so that the heat can eliminate any bacteria that washing might not have been able to get rid of.


  1. 3. Keep your ponmo away from anything else that could be contaminated, like dirty rags, dirty bowls, and other materials.


As was previously stated, eating ponmo is healthy for pregnant women, so it follows that eating ponmo poses no health risks. Be cautious about where and how you obtain your ponmo, though, because you are pregnant. The ponmo cooking procedure should be followed with caution.



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