Myth or Fact: Sitting on hot water reduces tummy size after a C-section 


A caesarian section is a birthing plan that requires surgery for a baby to be born. An incision is made by cutting through seven layers of tissue, from the mother's abdomen to the uterus, to pull the baby out. With the never-ending evolution of science, this procedure is becoming relatively safe. But many women, regardless of race, would still rather not have it.


But choosing to have a caesarean section is just as valid an option as vaginal delivery. 


Advantages of caesarean birth 


A caesarian section has cons, but so does having a vaginal delivery. Here are some ways you may benefit from having a caesarean section:

  • Low risk of sexual dysfunction after labour and delivery.  
  • Low risk of neonatal oxygen deprivation.
  • Zero risk of birth canal trauma on your baby.
  • Zero possibility of urinary inconsistencies. 
  • Low risk of pelvic prolapse. 


A caesarian section is also the safest choice for high-risk or complicated pregnancies. If you have prolonged labour, foetal distress, abnormal positioning, or chronic health condition, a caesarian section would be the best birthing plan for your and your baby's safety. 


"There are many advantages of having a caesarean section. If it is a planned C-section, a mom will know in advance when she will have her baby". Says Iffath Hoskins, MD, Department of Ob-gyn Lutheran medical center Brooklyn. "Another advantage is knowing that you may have important resources available, like a neonatologist who can help if there are issues with the baby." Dr. Hoskins added. 


Postpartum recovery after caesarean section  


As mentioned above, mothers' significant concern about this birthing plan is postpartum recovery. In Nigeria, many women fear that the omugwo ritual of sitting on hot water might not work for them if they had a caesarean section. 


Can sitting on hot water reduce tummy size after a c-section?


Many mothers have affirmed that sitting on hot water worked for them regardless of their birthing plan. But currently, no medical research links sitting on hot water (a sitz bath) to the uterus contracting, shrinking, or losing belly fat. 


Sitting on warm (not hot) water can help with other aspects of postpartum recovery. Having a sitz bath promotes:

  • Cleansing. 
  • Itch relief. 
  • Pain relief from haemorrhoids and episiotomy (this applies to women that had vaginal delivery)
  • Relaxation and increased blood flow.

What works?


Your stomach muscles had to stretch out to accommodate your baby’s growth. Your body also produces hormones to make your abdominal muscles more elastic. With these factors and the average pregnancy weight gain of about 18 kg, it is normal if your belly does not snap back like an elastic band as soon as your baby is out.


First, note that nature will do its work without requiring strenuous effort. Within the first two weeks, your uterus would shrink to its original size. And your belly would appear flatter.


And you can further reduce your bulging belly in many ways without hurting yourself or disturbing your stitches. 



Breastfeeding helps shrink the uterus faster. And you can burn up to 500 calories daily from breastfeeding (Burning 7,700 calories will make you lose 1kg).

So breastfeeding, preferably exclusively, can help you quickly lose belly fat and other body fat. 


A simple walk

Since you delivered a baby and had major surgery, you might be unable to do many exercises. You can burn up to 180 calories from a 30 mins walk!


Eat healthily 

This might contradict what you have always believed, but going on a diet a few weeks or days postpartum will not serve you. You need to eat well to keep your energy up and lose weight. Eat only healthy meals and replace snacks with cereals high in fiber, yoghurts, and diced fruits and vegetables.


Postpartum belly wrap 

 Postpartum belly wraps are adjustable and elastic. They cover your belly from ribs to hip bones and help your caesarean cut heal faster by taking pressure off the incision site. Remember to consult your doctor before wearing one, as you might be in a unique condition that might make belly wraps unfavourable.




In conclusion, note that spot reduction is a myth. After your uterus shrinks, to lose belly fat, you have to lose fat everywhere. 


And you can gain all the weight you lost while actively nursing if you do not reduce your calorie intake as soon as you stop breastfeeding. 


Set realistic goals and be patient, mama. We got you!

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