PreggClass by Babymigo: The Destination Class for Pregnant Mums

The thought and experience of being pregnant can be very exciting. However, no matter how lovely a pregnancy looks, it can be a very lonely journey because of the peculiarity of each pregnancy and how it varies among women. Pregnancy is also a time of tremendous change and it requires a lot to adapt to the numerous body and hormonal changes. 


One way to quickly adjust to these changes is to embrace and also learn as much as you can on the journey so as not to feel too overwhelmed. Realizing how stressful pregnancy can be, gaining the knowledge required all by yourself can also be a burden.


At Babymigo, we identify with the twists and turns that come with being pregnant and this is why we introduced PreggClass


PreggClass is an expert-led and intimate community group for pregnant women with benefits including weekly antenatal classes, practical sessions, access to experts, mums connect, sessions for partners/spouses, resources and so much more.


It is designed to support your hospital antenatal experience by preparing you for pre & post-natal with unparalleled hands-on care, classes, and community.





Here are specific benefits you will enjoy when you join PreggClass


  • 1. Weekly live classes with experts including obstetricians, pediatricians, midwives, and nutritionists among others.


  • 2. Practical sessions including baby first aid, tummy time, and diaper change tutorial 


  • 3. Routine fitness and recreational classes


  • 4. Access to experts 


  • 5. Weekly check-ins


  • 6. Fatherhood & Parenting sessions for partners


  • 7. Companionship, Support & Networking with other mums including monthly Mums Connect event 


  • 8. Access to pregnancy, motherhood, and parenting resources  


  • 9. Access to exclusive events, opportunities, and discounts



Syllabus Overview


  • 1. Understanding each Pregnancy Trimester


  • 2. Warning Signs to Look Out for in Pregnancy and What to Do


  • 3. Medications and Tests Required during Pregnancy 


  • 4. Preparing for Labour (Vaginal Delivery & Caesarean Section)


  • 5. Nutrition and Diet During Pregnancy 


  • 6. Preparing for Breastfeeding 


  • 7. Sex and Self-care during Pregnancy 


  • 8. Protecting your Mental Health during Pregnancy & Postpartum 


  • 9. Birth Preparedness and Complication Readiness Plan


  • 10. Phases and signs of Labour


  • 11. Delivery Options and Care


  • 12. Postpartum Care for Mother and Baby 



Being a parent doesn't come with a "how-to-do" manual. It takes deliberate learning to understand the different stages of pregnancy and child development, as well as practical skills for transitioning into motherhood. 


Enjoy all the amazing PreggClass benefits and more for N10,000 only! Sign Up Here


Cost covers the entire pregnancy duration and 2 weeks postpartum.


Have questions or inquiries?


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