Register For The 2024 Diaspora Campaign: An Exclusive Motherhood And Child Care Webinar For African Mums In Canada


Navigating motherhood as an African mum in Canada can be challenging without the right guidance. At Babymigo, it is imperative that we equip African mums across borders with vital resources and provide adequate support for a seamless motherhood experience. 



Living in the chilly terrains of Canada as an immigrant mum, there are several pieces of information you need at your disposal. We are proud to present the second edition of the Babymigo Diaspora Campaign.



This webinar will feature a medical panel of certified medical practitioners and a mum panel already in Canada.


The medical panel will walk you through what to expect from the healthcare system, how to access maternal and childcare benefits, delivery options and much more! The mum panel will share their first-hand experience navigating motherhood in your first year, maintaining a work-life balance, etc.  



What to expect from this webinar as a pregnant mum;

  • Everything you need to know about antenatal, maternal, and newborn in Canada
  • A detailed guide on delivery options, facilities and procedures
  • Awareness and guidance on the eligibility and application process of maternity care plans.
  • Context-specific information and emotional support to help you cope with being pregnant way from home
  • Guidance on emergency operational procedures during delivery



What to expect as a nursing mum;

  • Everything you need to know about newborn and infant care in Canada
  • Understanding immunisation procedures and schedules
  • How to access child care benefits and understand the application requirements
  • How to source a reliable childcare service
  • Strategies to help you successfully navigate your first year as an African mum
  • How to maintain a healthy work-life balance and much more! 



Learn and connect with other African mums in Canada! Register here


Date: Sunday, 28th January, 2024 

Venue: Zoom


Mama! This is an opportunity to ask all your questions surrounding maternal and child care as an African mum in Canada!


See you there!



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