Top 10 Essentials For Every Nigerian Mum Relocating To The UK



Relocating abroad requires a lot of preparation. You have to be mentally, emotionally, and financially ready. As a Nigerian mum relocating with your child/children to the UK, you must make many preparations ahead of time, ranging from documents to items to take along, especially if you are with an infant or toddler.


Here are 10 essentials you need as a Nigerian mum relocating to the UK:


Clothes: As a mum relocating to the UK, you must take important clothing for yourself and your baby. Also, understand the nature of the weather over there. This will help you to select clothing items for winter, summer, and other seasons. Ensure to pack baby's items, such as shoes, socks, diapers, jackets, etc.



Food: It's necessary to pack food because when you arrive, you'll need to eat what you've brought for a few months before buying more. You'll need simple groceries and household items like tea, milk, cereal, baby food, rice, beans, garri, dry fish, and anything else you might not find in the UK.



First aid kit: Nothing beats a first line response to quickly attend to an emergency. Ensure to buy the essentials like plasters, bandages, disposable gloves,  at least 2 sterile eye dressings, different sizes of gauze dressing, tweezers, safety pins, scissors, instant cold compress, antibiotic ointment, infant paracetamol and pain killers (For adults only). 



Visa and passport: These are among the most important documents you need as you relocate. You need a valid international passport and visa for yourself and your children.



Other important documents: You'll need other essential documents and files like your proof of funds, as mentioned earlier, medical reports, birth certificates, vaccination documents, educational certificates, immunisation cards, and a letter of consent from the guardian or parent if the child is not yours biologically.



Travel insurance: You should consider purchasing travel insurance that covers medical crises, trip cancellations, and other unanticipated circumstances. Check the specifics of the coverage before you depart.



Medications: If you or your children need to take medications along, you can do that, as it may take time for you to get settled and register at a hospital when you get there. Due to the change in weather, you need to take a humidifier and nasal drops for your baby. You may need a document showing why you must take such medication and what you’re treating. Ensure that your medical doctor prescribes your medications with a note. 



Luggage: The size and weight of your luggage matter a lot. If you don't want to be charged more than usual, It's important to confirm the weight and size restrictions for your luggage with the particular airline you'll be travelling with. Airlines usually have weight restrictions of 20 to 32 kilos (44 to 70 pounds) per bag for checked baggage. Dimensions are also crucial and adding the length, width, and height results in a typical size limit of about 158 cm (62 inches).



Also, There are typically weight limits for carry-on or hand luggage, which typically range from 5 to 10 kilos (11 to 22 pounds). Carry-on bags are typically smaller, measuring approximately 56 x 45 x 25 cm (22 x 18 x 10 inches) when handles and wheels are included.



Electrical adapters: If you want to charge your electronics, ensure you have the right adapters. The UK uses a different sort of electrical socket (type G).



Cosmetics and skincare products: It is necessary to travel with your cream, soap, oils, and beauty products for you and your kids, as it may take time to change your skincare products when you relocate.




Adequate preparations are vital when you're relocating to the UK, mainly with infants and toddlers. If everything is not in place before travelling, settling into your new home can be difficult and mentally draining. Hence, adequate preparations and taking the essentials along with you are necessary.



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Can I buy diapers for my baby when relocating to the UK?


Yes, you must get most things your baby will need on the journey, especially diapers, as you may want to clean your baby occasionally.



Can I pack baby formula when relocating to the UK from Nigeria?


Yes, you can pack your baby formula and cereal when relocating.

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