Top 5 Budget-Friendly Travel Destinations For African Families In The UK


Moving abroad can be challenging. You're new to the environment and need to find the closest community to feel the nostalgia of home. 



As an immigrant African parent, going for a vacation or a family holiday in the UK might seem financially impossible. The UK offers many stunning landscapes and countryside fresh air you don't want to miss.



As the holiday approaches, we have curated 5 budget-friendly travel destinations in the UK for you and your family or loved ones to enjoy this holiday.



  • Edinburg, Scotland


Edinburgh is the perfect destination for stretching your muscles and breathing in pasture air if you have an active family. You and your family can explore this city with a vibrant culture this holiday. You can delve into the city’s history by visiting the Royal Mile or quickly stopping by Edinburgh Castle to view the majestic crown jewels. 



  • Weymouth, Dorset



Weymouth is one the most budget-friendly and affordable travel destinations for new immigrant families. You can soak in the seaside’s sunset at an affordable price without breaking the bank. 



It has a picturesque coastline and a colourful atmosphere where you and your kids can make beautiful memories. You can walk on the beach shore or go crabbing (fishing for crabs) with your kids.



  • The Lake District, Cumbria 



Another affordable destination if you have a knack for nature and the outdoors. If you have kids who love the water, start packing because they’d love the Lake District. 



There are various means to entertain yourselves at Lake District, from swimming to mountain climbing or kayaking. The list is endless. It's an excellent location to ease into the environs of the UK without spending much money.



  • London


It wouldn't be a holiday without visiting one of the bustling cities in the UK. England’s capital has enough ways to amaze your kids and leave a jaw-dropping impression. We promise they can never have too much and there are affordable and beautiful places to visit this holiday.


They can marvel at the Buckingham Palace guards, the British Museum, the Natural History Museum or walk around Hyde Park. Riding the Tube can also be a fun and new experience for your kids. If your children love adventure, take them to the Harry Potter Studio Tour. You’d watch the movie with a different eye!



  • Isles of Scilly, Cornwall



Younger children will love this calm and serene location at the southwestern tip of Cornwall. You can relax and play board games while watching the ocean waves. If you’re looking for a relaxing and short holiday with your kids, visit the Isle of Scilly for clear blue waters. Plus, there are beautiful and rare sea shells for your kids to pick! Note that accessing this region can be difficult. You need to plan your trip ahead of time. 



The UK is a diverse environment with different people and cultures. No matter what delights you, you and your family will find something that tickles your fancy and at an affordable cost. Go ahead and create wholesome memories with your family this holiday! 

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