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Hello mummies in the house, pls help me out. My gal is 2yrs and some month, each time she sleeps (night n day) she pee on the bed, the only time she wont pee on the bed is when i put her on the potty within interval, pls what is the best tin to do, am worried becos i dont want her to get use to it. Thank you all for the advice.
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Omolbaby GodsOwn
@chida, even frm a yr ,my children wakes u up even in d midnight to n hold their thing. To tell u it's time to wee. Mothers do d training,vigils n co
Omolbaby GodsOwn
Ma,do d vigil n training. Wake him at intervals even if it's to take d potty to him on d bed,do it. Around eleven,u can wake him to wee,then one o clock in d midnight. By so doing he too will get used to d system
Akin Bose
Please continue to do d training for now. Remember that children are different.
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