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Good morning mummies and doctors in the house... Pls how can I deal with my almost 11weeks old baby distraction during breastfeeding... When e is feeding if hr hears a sound e pulls off d breast... Some times e will b feeding and playing, he will suck a bit den look at me play a bit den continue sometimes r wouldn't even continue... Dunno what to do and I don't want him to start losing weight since we are on EBF...
Breast Feeding
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Ifeoma Chinasa
Am going thru same oh... @Umoh Etentuk Boro.... Avoiding fan is difficult....
Oluwaseun Ikeoluwa Adetunji
I explained same to my doctor cos i had similar experience.. N wot he told was dat.. Smile whenever she smiles back.. Cos she's still a baby.. Those r parts of there attitudes. It's nothing to worry about
blessing o.
@Ifeoma13410, absolutely difficult my sister. Bcos very room has fan. Dunno y dey prefer to look Dan suck. Lol
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