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Good evening mother's and doctors....pls my son of 11weeks likes licking his bath water or the towel or soap as he is being bathed... He also lick licking anything that can cross his mouth... Pls what can I do to stop him (my in law said he is about to grow a tooth... How true pls. Am a FTM
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Good afternoon mummies and doctors . pls I noticed some rashes at the neck area of my 10 weeks old baby... I used his boot powder next day the area was dry...and today the dry skin is peeling...and my concern is am seeing the rashes at other parts of his body. Pls what do I use to clear the rashes.
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Good evening mummies and docs. Pls we are for 10 weeks immunisation tomorrow. Pls which part of the child's body will they inject him.( cos I don't want to be bullied again by the health official)
Good evening Doctors and Mummies...Pls how do I handle hiccups in my 2 month old son
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Good evening doctors and mummies pls my baby will 6weeks old by tomorrow and he is having cough. Pls what medication should I use to stop the chesty cough(he coughs once a while)Ftm pls
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Good evening doctors and mothers,please When does the stitches heal completely...Am 5 weeks after birth am a FTM
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Good evening doctors and mothers please My baby is 5weeeks and his stooling has reduced from 6 to 4 times a say,,he cries every bowel movement,he farts more and he is cranky when you lie him down and his naval is increasing in size. Am FTM ... Pls what do I do
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