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Good a.m mummies, pls can I shampoo my 3months+ baby's hair? I want to get rid of the small small whitish stuff on her scalp....best advice pls
Baby Care
Good afternoon mummies.....pls when will baby neck be fully strong and my lil one (14 wks) do bend head to the right side, she can turn to both sides easily but when I try to make her sit, she bend head towards right. Is that normal?
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Good evening, pls my 10w old have outer navel, it came out like 4weeks back due to her cry-cry, I do heat it after morning bath and sometimes in the evening.,. Pls what can I do??? I want her to have deep inner belly button
Baby Care
Good morning mummies and doctor, pls when is blood after delivery meant to stop? At times like its over, no drop for days, suddenly bright red flow (not heavy), later off again and drop bright red again. Pls when will this stop??? My baby is 7weeks + .....I'm worried pls, Dr. Said its normal but I'm tired
Mom's Health
Pls, how best can I dispose used diaper ????.....can I burn them?
Good morning doctors and mummies, pls, how many times daily is it normal for a 5weeks old baby to poo??? My girl poo in every diaper, some small and some much, I change diaper like 2-3 hours. If abnormal, what can I use to regulate it???
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Please, my 3weeks old baby have rashes all over her face, I have applied calamine lotion for 3 days yet its increasing..... Pls what can I do?
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I'm a FTM of a 3days old, my breasts are heavy and sore, I have been squeezing into feeder for her, she's not sucking directly because it is in drops... .pls, what can I do to make the soreness and pain relief me? and what can I do to make it gush out ???
Breast Feeding
Good morning mummies, I'm a FTM, pls since Sunday that i delivered none of my breast is lactating, I keep forcing the baby on the breasts but nothing is coming out, pls, any natural solution that can work fast???
Good evening house.... I'm few days to e.d.d, since week 38, I have been walking distance, squatting, dancing and mating....yet no labour sign, no water, no mucur plug, no contraction.....I'm a FTM and I won't want to have my first experience through inducement. What can I do????