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Pls mums in the house m in need of urgent birth my baby weighed 2.5kg, at 13weeks he weighed 6.2kg nd at 17weeks he now weighs 6.5kg..pls is this trend ok? As i have been feeling bad since yesterday dat probably am not breastfeeding him properly..we are on EBF..thanks in anticipation
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Okafor Juliet Ezenwa
Ur baby is doing great
Your baby is fine mam, mine is 2.8kg @ birth and at 6month she is just 7kg but very strong and agile. Sitting, crawling, standing with support and very fast with her movement. Ain't about the kg but they should be healthy
Bunmi Elerewe
Thanks alot mums...i can now have a sigh of relief, i was already eating mysef up with guilt
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