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Pls mum in the house..I did cs but my tummy is still big and my baby is 6wks already.pls when is my tummy going to go mother in law brought agbo for me and said I should cook it and drink that my tummy is going to go down.but am scared to use cuz of my baby that am breastfeeding. Pls what can I do
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It can't go down easily like that unless u av a flat tummy before childbirth. Mine was 2yrs before I got preg n is still ,relax n enjoy ur tummy.
Fauziya Oloyede Okoya
It wld still go down remember it too 9 month 2 grow dat belly so it wld take some month 2 go down. Just watch wat u eat cuz wen we grow fat it starts 4rm d belly
Pls try continue taking hot water till 2 or 3 month, after bath place a towel soaked in hot water on your tummy, don't press it just place it on every side of your tummy. I did cs a month ago, now my tummy is almost normal cos I take hot water often
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