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Hello mummies, I stop using cream for my daughter of 4month she sweat a lot .hope is okay if I stop using cream for her for now. Don't know why she sweat alot
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Hello mothers Pls my daughter has cough and cattarh someone said I should get neofylin Pls is it advisable
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Pls mothers how much is Emfamil
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My baby is pooing greenish poo Pls Doctor what does it mean. And what can I give to stop it
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Please mummies how much is cow and gates baby food
Hi mummies my daughter is pooing greenish poo Pls what does it mean?
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Pls mum in the house..I did cs but my tummy is still big and my baby is 6wks already.pls when is my tummy going to go down.my mother in law brought agbo for me and said I should cook it and drink that my tummy is going to go down.but am scared to use cuz of my baby that am breastfeeding. Pls what can I do
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Hello mothers..pls I had cs.and my baby is 1month and 6days .pls when can I stop taking warm water.
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Hi mummies I delivered a baby girl this morning pls thank God for me
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Hu mummies what kind of soap and oil for the baby forehead can I use a new born baby.is a new born pls
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Baby Webwinkel Welkom om baby.is. Hier vind u leuke kwaliteitsknuffels in alle maten en soorten. Kwaliteitsknuffels voor u baby vanaf 3 maanden en ouder.
Hi mummies I am 37 weeks and I have sharp pains in the lower pelvis/vaginal area and also when am walking too fast and pressure down low when i lie down for a long period of time or sit too much and I feel my baby is alwaz hitting head down my pelvic region whenever I feel the baby moving around and this afternoon i went to the toilet and all i did was purging.my poo was really watery and also feel like vomiting.but it stop already without using anything. Dunno if I will still visit the toilet again.is there anything to be worried about mummies
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Hi mummies please can I start using chicco product for a day one old baby.both the soap and the powder hope is not too harsh?
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Hello mummies in the house pls am in my last trimester.how can I make delivery easy .I was told I should eat more of ewedu....will I prepare the ewedu in the normal they prepare it using (kown) I mean that thing that make ewedu draw.or is there any other way I can prepare the ewedu to eat
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Hello mummies in the house.pls I have lot of stretch marks on my tummy and I don't like it what can I use to clear them.and is it going to go after I give birth.and now that am pregnant what can I use to clear them off