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Greetings mums, pls can someone throw more light on how to do steam inhalation for a 3 months baby. The posture you assume and the positioning of bucket ,also the duration.
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Hannah Fat
You will sit on a stool , pour hot water in a bucket, ( you can put 2 drops of silver bird oil) open your legs wide, and let the bucket be in between your legs. As for ur baby's position, (DONT REMOVE HIS OR HER CLOTHE) let ur baby back be against ur own chest, that is ur baby is facing out. Cover with a big towel, both of u, should be covered and inhale the steam. Hold ur baby very well oo, cos when ur baby gets into the steam, he or she will move rigorously. Stay for like 5mins, morning and n
God bless u dear for this info. I will try it this evening. My baby has been coughing
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