10 meals you can introduce to your baby from 6 months.

Oreoluwa Folayan Tue 25-Jan-22 20:01:26

1. Avocado Puree

2. Mango Puree

3. Mashed Sweet potatoes

4. Mashed Beans

5. Banana Puree

6. Mixed Grain cereal

7. Ripe Plantain & Beans Puree

8. Yogurt Mixed with avocado puree

9. Mashed sweet potatoes and fish

10. Mashed Egg yolk

Floratokunbo Wed 26-Jan-22 02:01:39 Add Message | Report

My baby's favourite food on the list is Mashed Egg yolk. She's only 9 months. May God keep her safe for me and my hubby.

We love her so much

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