13 things not to say to expectant mothers

Anna Omoriegbe Wed 02-Nov-22 13:11:27

1. “Wow, are you sure there aren’t two in there?”

2. “OMG, you’re so small! You barely look pregnant.”

3. “You must be ready to pop!” (When you’re only five months along…)

4. “You look so tired/sick/swollen/miserable!”

5. “Sleep now because soon you’ll never sleep again!”

6. “OMG, I have to tell you about my super-traumatic birth/my newborn’s super-scary time in the NICU….”

7. “Ugh, three girls? Your poor husband.”

8. “Is this your first?”

“No, it’s my third.”

“Oh, you look too young to have three kids.”

9. “Your due date is terrible timing because it’s so close to Halloween/Christmas/New Year’s Eve/Groundhog Day.”

10. “So what went wrong with your birth control?”

11. “Um, are you sure it’s OK to eat/drink that?”

12. “OMG, you still haven’t had your baby yet?!”

13. How do you feel about bringing another child into this already overcrowded world of strife, violence and environmental destruction?

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