7 rules for child punishment (Part 2)

Oreoluwa Folayan Wed 19-Jan-22 17:01:14

5. Do not beat impulsively, always give a per-stipulated punishment. This is so important. You could be teaching your child violence when you just beat out of anger. I had to repeat this because it is important. How do you want Peter to react when he's angry? Practice it on Peter. If you always beat because you are angry, then as a parent, you need discipline yourself.

6. Reward good behavior. If Peter was punished for an offense and next time, he chooses not to repeat it, you have succeeded at discipline. Bravo! Reward his behavior please. Acknowledge it. Tell him you're proud of him, hug him. Do something tore-enforce that good behavior. Discipline is not all about beating.

7. Avoid using your hands to beat. Do not slap, do not knock. Get a small cane if you must beat. If Peter messes up and the punishment is 3 lashes, ask him to get the cane. Those seconds will give you time to calm down. Always remind him of why you are giving 3 lashes before giving it.

Do not use your hands. Hands are for loving. Let him associate your hands with love and not violence. Especially girls, avoid slapping them. They may think it is normal and not recognize domestic violence when they see it in future.

In conclusion, remember that beating is not the only form of punishment. You can raise a well disciplined child without ever beating them. If possible, avoid it.

Macybriggs Wed 19-Jan-22 19:01:07 Add Message | Report

Wow, I'm strongly anti-beating anyway

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