Company to pay woman ₦11million for sacking her while on maternity leave

Lillian Mbata Sun 22-Aug-21 19:08:53

An employment tribunal in Bristol has asked a company to payout woman it sacked while on maternity leave.

The court according to reports told UKRI, an organisation that distributes funding for sciences on behalf of the Government to pay Dr Katie Lidster £23,000.

The payout If converted to Nigerian currency is over eleven million naira, Naija News noted.

Dr Lidster had returned to her office after a few months from maternity leave only to be told her role ‘no longer existed’.

The 38-year-old mother was demoted from her position at the UK Research and Innovation (UKRI).

It was gathered that, this happened to Dr Lidster while caring for her second child, Daisy, who had been born two months premature.

Due to complications, Daisy had to be born by C-section and was cared for in hospital for 53 days as she was severely underweight.

The mother was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder but had been seeing a counsellor and, seven months after the birth felt ready to return to work.

However, during an 11-minute phone call, her line manager informed her it would be inappropriate’ for her to return to the office. He told her the role no longer existed.

Subsequently, Dr Lidster was offered a four-day-a-week role with diminished responsibilities at the same company.

Five weeks later, a colleague sent her a copy of an advert for a job that was being advertised internally only for her to find out it was her company that advertised her role, which was eventually given to the person who had been covering for her during her maternity leave.

‘They had added one word to the job description and one responsibility, which I had been doing anyway,’ Dr Lidster, who lives in Devon but used to commute to London, told The Mirror.

Dr Lidster took up the matter to a court and won while being represented by her husband, a fellow scientist because they couldn’t afford a barrister.


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As it should

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