How do I tell my kids I found love again and I want to remarry?

Anonymous Thu 07-Apr-22 08:04:42

Hi mums. So I've been a single mom for the past 5 years, and late 2020, I found someone I started a relationship with. I am ready to be happy again. Please how do I tell my kids. My boy is fire, he has a temper, he is 10 years old. His sister is 7. 

I'm not bothered about her. She wants mommy to be happy but it's my boy I'm scared of. He doesn't do well with men around mommy even when it's business discussions.

Mariawilliams Thu 07-Apr-22 08:04:25 Add Message | Report

Your son is marking territory. He must be mommy's boy.
Just let him know that you love him, nothing can and nothing will ever change between you. And maybe go out together on a date with the kids with your partner. I hope he knows he has to be patient too

Annaomoriegbe Thu 07-Apr-22 08:04:54 Add Message | Report

Awww, at such a young age, he is already protective of his mother, that's a keeper.
Mama, you just have to sit him down and let him know mommy in is happy being alone, you have to let him know nothing could ever take you away from him, and that you'll always be there for him. He needs assurance, that's all. Good luck Mama?

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