How pregnancy saves woman from Angioedema

Oreoluwa Folayan Fri 07-Jan-22 04:01:56

According to Doctors they said her
Condition could only be managed and worst case Scenario was Death and she might not even know when death would come , the doctors told her that she could be walking down
the street and just Slump because her heart could stop beating due to
suffocation from acute Angioedema .

(Angioedema is a painless swelling under the skin, triggered by an allergy to animal dander, pollen, drugs, venom, food or medication.

They advised she relocate because she couldn’t
survive here in Nigeria, they even told her to stop coming to the hospital
every 2 days to take steroid shots that helped her with the Swellings and
Itching from Acute Urticaria.

(Urticaria is a rash of round, red welts on the skin that itch intensely, sometimes
with dangerous swelling, caused by an allergic reaction, typically to
specific foods.)

She said she almost lost hope and had
started getting ready to die: putting her properties in her younger sister's
name and her baby Mildred’s name because she believed if she died, her sister would be able to care for her baby better.

She also stated that never gave up on her God. She prayed, fasted and hoped. She sowed seeds and also wailed in agony as most nights she couldn’t sleep due to attacks. She didn’t
know what to do anymore as her body started rejecting medication even the
steroids stopped working so she decided on her own to give up my medications, but she never stopped praying until God showed up for her.

Since her immune system was very weak and her hormones were
malfunctioning, she wasn’t even seeing her periods. She was shocked
when she got pregnant instead of dying. Pregnancy changed her life for better , it reset her imbalanced hormones, upped my immune system, her blood count became normal, reset her dead skins, her Red and White Blood Cells started working better
. It glowed her body and demolished all her attacks. She said could now breath and
no longer had things blocking her airways and didn’t have problems with her heart anymore.

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Adenikeodunayo Fri 07-Jan-22 09:01:42 Add Message | Report

This is quite interesting
Weldone doctor

Edidiongishola Fri 07-Jan-22 08:01:46 Add Message | Report

Woo! Conception and the whole birthing process is indeed a miracle that cannot be fully understood. ????

Oreoluwafolayan Fri 07-Jan-22 07:01:50 Add Message | Report

I personally had an experience with it. “Hives” it’s popular name. I was reacting to millet pap (oka baba) or brown pap as some people call it. The hives lasted for 33 weeks postpartum even after I stopped taking the cause. I’d itch my whole body round and it left scars in its wake, lots of scars. You’re supposed to avoid things like hot or warm water too, it makes it worse apparently.

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