I spent 12 hours in induced labour and didn’t make a sound.

Oreoluwa Folayan Thu 20-Jan-22 08:01:26

Labour contractions can be really painful. When it occurs naturally, you get more time to relax in between. It’s a tad different when you’ve been induced because you only get a few seconds of breathing space in between each contractions.

I was so determined to not scream and because of that, none of the nurses took me serious that the contractions had hit me so badly. All I kept doing was squinting my eyes. I was so determined but I had pain written all over my face. 

5 hours of pain, passing out and waking up later, my cervix was still shut tight. Lol.. “this can’t be happening” I said to myself, I prayed, “God, my labour shall not be in vain”. I was not in the mood to be wheeled in for emergency cs after all the endurance I had put up with.

anyway, my cervix started opening little by little, the nurses were quite shocked on how I was handling it. At some point I was half naked, got on all fours and started fighting back my baby’s head because I was still at 9cm and it was not time to push.

Eventually, the time came to push and I had more than enough energy saved up from not screaming or saying a word. I rode out 3 contractions with 3 mighty pushes and she was out so quickly.

I finally said “see my beautiful baby girl” and the nurses looked at me astonished, “so you can talk” one of them said. I replied “yes, I just wanted to prove a point and test my pain tolerance”.

What was your labour like? Kindly share below..

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