Introducing meals to kids at the 6 month mark

Faith Teniola Thu 01-Dec-22 10:12:48

Knowing when your baby is ready is important before you start introducing solid foods like rice at 6 months. However, each child is different and their digestive systems also vary. So be sure to watch out and see when your baby is actually ready 

They usually show signs like interest in food, still appearing hungry after nursing and an ability to sit up without assistance. Follow these tips to transition your baby to solid food 

Introducing Purees While Still breastfeeding. Also ensure that these foods require no chewing whatsoever. Avocados are a great example

Introduce one food at a time. A special tip is giving a baby one food and trying it out for at least 3 days to check for allergies or reactions before introducing them to another food. This way, it is easy to test out what is good and what isn't for your baby. 

Mashables and Cereals. This is where you can start introducing mashable foods like sweet potatoes or rice, if the consistency is too thick for your comfort, you can add some breast milk ? or formula to lighten the mixture to your desired consistency. Cereals are also great to initiate into their diet because they are packed with nutrients like zinc that are highly beneficial to the baby's development.

When you notice teeth appearing, this is your sign that your baby is ready for something a bit more solid than purees and mashables. Feeding them finger foods like fries or eggs while you are eating is a great way to get them familiar with solids.

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