Mocheddah’s journey back to re-lactation

Oreoluwa Folayan Mon 10-Jan-22 07:01:28

Mocheddah’s journey back to re-lactation. She talked about how she struggled with her milk supply in her first week postpartum, trying to get the baby to latch, being new at it and also being unable to sit because of stitches and hemorrhoids.

She also talked about how her mental health and breastfeeding weren’t a great pair. In the process of trying to work on it, taking her time to do other things, she realized she wasn’t pumping up to an ounce a day.

At some point, she decided she was ready to try again, she started working more on her supply, latching and even though she didn’t get anything in the first two days, she didn’t give up but remained consistent with it.

Then she tried again and got almost 3 ounces, it’s inspired her to stay hydrated and doing more things to boost her supply.

She’s decided to keep her mental health in check as she has realized it works hand in hand with her supply.

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Oreoluwafolayan Mon 10-Jan-22 07:01:32 Add Message | Report

I also struggled with my supply a couple of times, especially when my daughter was 2-5 months old. She would never accept breast milk directly from the source during the day, only from a bottle and wouldn’t even taste formula. So I had to pump up to 6 times or more daily. I found the whole process tedious and exhausting and it made me sad. Whenever she didn’t eat much, my supply was definitely plunging down. I’d go from being able to pump 10 ounces in one sitting to barely pumping 2 ounces. But I kept going and motivating myself with “she’s almost 6 months old”. She resumed direct sucking at 6 months mark and never used the bottle again. But we continued breastfeeding till 17 months and it was great. Even as a big baby, I still leaked a lot and had engorgements, that’s how frequent and well she fed.

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