My husband and I disagree on punishing our kids. What should I do?

Chidinma Wed 19-Jan-22 10:01:38

My kids are currently in the toddler stage and I am finding it harder for them to listen to me. Whenever I try to punish them for disobeying me by beating them, my husband gets angry. He is strongly against punishment and I feel like that is the right way to train a child…what should I do? 

Oreoluwafolayan Wed 19-Jan-22 19:01:46 Add Message | Report

Beating is not the only form of punishment. You should both agree on an effective means of punishment as a conflict from both parties can have a negative impact on the kids.

Tinajohnson Wed 19-Jan-22 18:01:34 Add Message | Report

I think both of you should agree on how you both want to discipline your children so as to be on the same page

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