“Natural Pink Lips” Procedure goes wrong after Lips Enlargement (Photo,Videos)

Zainab Ifra Sat 13-Nov-21 14:11:18

A Nigerian lady has cried out on social media after undergoing a procedure to make her lips look pinkish, IgbereTV reports.

The lady who claimed she only went through a ‘natural’ procedure to make her lips pink, said she became scared after her lips suddenly began to increase in size.

She prayed that the lips goes down soon, as she hoped this phase is only a process required in getting and maintaining beauty.

In her words;

“Guys I decided to go do natural pink lips because I was tired of buying different types of pink lips balm, pink lips scrub and all that.

So I decided to go do something that will last for me and this is what I got. I just pray it comes down soon. Because they said it’s going to come down. I guess that’s the process of me finding beauty.”

See the video here.


Whitneypeters Tue 23-Nov-21 07:11:57 Add Message | Report

This is very sad. If you've ever passed Ikeja Underbridge, they are so many of these miscreants advertising pink lips.

Honestly, only the ignorant ones can fall for their tricks. How can you be advertising pink lips regimen for me when your own lips look very irritating.

The worst are the ones that haven't gotten their own pink lips done. Oga, if e sure for you. Do it for yourself now.

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