Postpartum Health Conditions You Should Watch Out For

Faith Teniola Fri 25-Nov-22 10:11:10

Your body becomes very sensitive after giving birth as it is trying to get back to its non-pregnant state. This sensitivity can trigger a variety of situations in your health so it is best to monitor your body and check for signs such as:

•Bleeding heavier than your period

•Blurred vision , dizziness of severe headaches 

•High Fever (above 100.4F or 38C)

•Chest pains or difficulty in breathing Pain, redness or discharge around tear or C-section cut 

•Redness around the calf and feet area A sense of loneliness of sadness two weeks postpartum

 •Burning sensation of pain when urinating 

•Redness around the breasts or painful lumps

 •Severe abdominal pain

•Vaginal discharge with odour 

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